A Pre-Valentine Gift

Happy Seasons of Love! Today, I also turned 23 and I’ve never been this blissful and grateful. My life has always been full of love — love from the Lord, my family and friends, church family, and everyone in between — and so I am giving back that love in the form of this simple gift. I have always been grateful to God for all the things He has given me, especially for the skills to write poetry; come this collection which I have dreamed of doing since 2014, and after almost three years, here it is!

Somewhere Along those Lines

I am sharing with you Somewhere Along those Lines, a collection of prose and poetry. Thank you all for supporting me on this journey, for reading my poetry, and simply by just being there. Feel free to download it. Spread the word and spread the love! 😉

I’ll also be having this collection printed with much more poems and prose added so stay tuned and feel free to comment down below for any message you have. Have a lovely day!

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