A Reminder

A Reminder

If you fall in love with her, be ready to hold her hands tight enough – to keep her close to you in the entire roller coaster ride of her life. Assure her of your company even when she demands solitude. Sometimes, you gotta read between the lines just to figure out what she really wants. Try to write notes on a random piece of paper, this will never be out-fashioned upon her eyes. Memorize her favorite songs by heart and you will never grow out of tune in every situation. She loves cafés and long walks, always be there to keep up- a hand to hold, a coffee buddy, a silence in her chaotic mind, a shoulder to rest upon. Be patient when she’s inside a bookstore, she will be needing your opinions most of the time and prepare something with sense to say.

If you fall in love with her, your presence will be the most beautiful poetry she’ll ever read and write about. Be sure to hear it and keep it by heart.


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