Midnight Chats

I miss our midnight chats,
How things about us
slowly uncover–
Your passion for music,
and how I love to write.
Our similarities,
dreams and prayers.

I love how time
seems to stop
whenever we talk.
And the world around

“Thank you for the chat.”


Dreamed about you

last night.

You gave me roses 🌹

Told me I’m

the apple of your eye.

I started the chant–

“You love me, you love me not.”

You started to laugh,

“I knew you would do that.”

Said he counted the petals

And picked the odd.

A Pre-Valentine Gift

Happy Seasons of Love! Today, I also turned 23 and I’ve never been this blissful and grateful. My life has always been full of love — love from the Lord, my family and friends, church family, and everyone in between — and so I am giving back that love in the form of this simple gift. I have always been grateful to God for all the things He has given me, especially for the skills to write poetry; come this collection which I have dreamed of doing since 2014, and after almost three years, here it is!

Somewhere Along those Lines

I am sharing with you Somewhere Along those Lines, a collection of prose and poetry. Thank you all for supporting me on this journey, for reading my poetry, and simply by just being there. Feel free to download it. Spread the word and spread the love! 😉

I’ll also be having this collection printed with much more poems and prose added so stay tuned and feel free to comment down below for any message you have. Have a lovely day!

Borrowed Thoughts

Borrowed Thoughts

Whenever I write things about you using my poetry or any other forms of literature that I knew, I always wanted you to read each piece. I want you to be the pen on every surface I got my hands into, to write the prettiest words there are or even compose our own words which can equate to being in love. Yes, I may be too much but the thoughts of you keep on colliding inside my head like galactic explosions forming those beautiful stars; carefully placed in the universe, with patterns and messages for the two of us. But I don’t want us to be just a beautiful fiction intricately written so that it would satisfy the reader; like those movie shots in a café in Paris or London or New York. I don’t want us to be a concept; I want us to be real. That my thoughts of you will be a scenery I glance at every morning and my face will be your last picture at night; right before you close your eyes. I want us to be each other’s love story; with all the plot twists, adventure time together, highs and lows like normal people, and a happy ever after. So forgive me, for I know that I am being selfish.